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Spoofing is an amazing way to get to practically unlimited amounts of free porn. After discovering spoofing I hardly ever downloaded porn through any other outlet (some of which will be discussed in other posts).

All you need is SuperMegaSpoof – a free and simple application providing you with access to an ever-changing number of porn sites. You can download it from the official site. It's important to add - there is no spyware/adware/viruses inside. There is a side-bar with ads but it's within the application's window so it won't bother you one bit. When installing, note that if you are sharing a computer with others, you should probably consider changing the location of the installation (perhaps somewhere more discrete than your Program Files folder) as well as not create a quick-start/desktop shortcut.

What is spoofing?

Here's what SuperMegaSpoof's very helpful help file has to say:

"Whenever you browse the web and click a link, your browser loads the desired page you clicked. Many websites, however, check the referrer of a webpage before allowing you to open the page. The referrer is the page where you came from and which your browser sends to the desired page as being the referrer. You can spoof this referrer (… send a false referrer) so you can access these pages without actually having been on the originating (the spoofed) URL."

Those looking for a more technical explanation can visit this Wikipedia article:

SuperMegaSpoof is an application designed to spoof (send a false referrer to) websites. It maintains a list of spoofable sites (called "spoofs" in short). There are other applications that can do that, but what makes SuperMegaSpoof unique is their built-in voting/reporting system. Users can vote for a good spoof or report a spoof that stopped working – leading to its deletion from the list. The community idea works really well here – the top spoofs (most voted for) are always high-quality and bad spoofs don't stay on the list too long.

When running the program for the first time you will be asked for a username and a password. Pick any available one, choose a password and forget all about it - you won't be required to enter it again. Just press the Top Spoofs button for a current list of popular spoofs and get ready for a world of good porn. Make sure to thank me later.

FireFox important note: SuperMegaSpoof will work as-is for Internet Explorer users, but if you use Mozilla FireFox you also have to download the RefSpoof add-on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

been gufing around with the software and didnt come by anything interesting
mind sharing some tips?

28/12/06 16:48  
Anonymous Mr. Manager said...

Sorry for the LONG delay.

A few tips:

* Try using the Top Spoofs button. It will show you the most popular spoofs which tend to be better than others.

* Try some porn genre keywords based on your own preferences.

* Though these might be irrelevant by the time you read this, these keywords should produce interesting results: "amateurmatch" and "hustler".

I might do a tips post later.

14/2/07 01:44  

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